About Mitch

Why yes I am a rocket scientist!

I was born and raised in Redford, Michigan to parents of Polish Immigrants,  I went to Bishop Borgess High School and married to Donna, was a  SSGT in the USAF as a Minuteman ICBM  Master Technician and Team Chief. (Remember one nuclear explosion can ruin your whole day!). After the Air Force  I was on the flight test team for the MX (Peacekeeper) Missile System for Lockheed Martin on Vandenberg AFB. Moving back to the Detroit I worked as a field service engineer.   I am also member of the US Coast Guard AUX member of the NRA, Oakland County Sportsman Club, B.A.S.S,    .  

Lower Insurance Rates

As a former insurance agent Mitch has a plan to lower Michigan's auto insurance rates.  He plans includes cutting fraud, offering plans with different medical options,  and tougher restrictions on uninsured drivers.

Fix the Roads

Michigan has some of the highest weight per axle load limits in the nation.  Overloaded trucks driving during spring thaw cause the massive pothole damage. Changing limits and increasing fines using that money going to roads.  Mitch will look at the gas tax to make sure it goes to fixing the roads and not wasted.   Michigan roads can be fixed WITHOUT tax increases by making sure that we build higher quality roads that last longer. 

My Platform

Pro Life

 I am Pro Life and will fight to end abortions and defund PP.  Please watch video.  https://youtu.be/kHNzoZ4oheU

On Taxes

I will fight to lower taxes.  My Democratic opponent wants to raise your taxes increase the gas tax.  The Democratic plan will put a heavy burden on our citizens.    

Gretchen Whitmer: Her catchphrase on the campaign trail is “just fix the damn roads” by creating a “Rebuild Michigan Bank,” which could only be used for infrastructure improvements. It would be fueled by either user fees approved by the Legislature or a statewide bond issue approved by voters that would raise $3 billion a year for roads, bridges and water infrastructure improvements. 

That means RAISE THE TAXES!!!!

We are still paying off the billions in road loans from Engler and Gramholm Whitmer and Greig wants to borrow more?  Not if you send Mitch to Lansing. 


On Education

 We need to better pepair our child for entering to high tech workforce.  Not all students are suited for college.  We can send them to vocational training. Plumping, electrical, nursing, dental tech, PLC / robotics programers are in great demand. 

One skill that is overlooked is. boats. Michigan is the Great Lake State. We have the most boat in the US 2nd to California. Yet we have no schools to train people to fix outboards, stern drives, or marine electronics. Why? I just talked to the service manager at Wilson Marine were my bass boat is getting repaired and he said boat service techs are a dying breed. He was trying to get school to start a program to train students to work on marine engines. The newer boat now are so computerized with glass gauges and electronic ignition, fuel injection system it is not like the old days. Today's outboards cost over $20,000 each. You do not need a college degree to work as a marine tech. 

Pro 2nd Amendment

NRA Member AQ rated, Member of Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners.  

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Homeland Security

Mitch has done his part to to protect our nation while serving in the US Air Force and US Coast Guard Aux patrolling our borders.    My opponent wants to make Farmington/Farmington Hills and Michigan a sanctuary city/state.  I fully support ICE and the effort Homeland Security do.  The Democrates want to abolish ICE.      https://youtu.be/Ufb-3DCuSNw

Just for Fun

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